M'kor Shalom Annual Calendar & The Source Newsletter

Advertising Form: Rates 2019 - 2020

Full Package Deal Deadline: July 26

Advertise in both our Annual Calendar and The Source: Newsletter to reach patrons all year long!

Full Package Ad Size Full Package Rate Full Package Includes
Single $800
  • One Ad for each of 13 months in the Annual Calendar
  • One Ad for each of 4 issues in The Source Newsletter
Double $1,475
Triple $2,000

Annual Calendar Deadline: July 26

Our 13-month Calendar puts your business / service at people's fingertips for the entire year!

Calendar Ad Size 1 Month 6 Months 13 Months
Single (2.625"w x 1.375"h) $55 $300 $525
Double (2.625"w x 2.9"h) $100 $550 $1,000
Triple (2.625"w x 4.45"h) $145 $780 $1,500

THE SOURCE Newsletter Fall Issue Deadline: July 26

Our seasonal newsletter is a home-delivered, frequent source of information - great for various advertising needs!

The Source Ad Size 1-3 Issues
Cost per insertion
4 Issues
Includes one Calendar ad
Single (2.5"w x 1.25"h) $85 $310
Double (2.5"w x 2.625"h) $160 $600
Triple (2.5"w x 4"h) $235 $915